Bespoke Natural Face Lift

This is a different approach to beauty, an “Inside Out” method. By activating and enhancing your body’s natural functions and healing abilities, your skin will be firmer, brighter, and more lifted.    


This tension melting, anti-gravity face massage will lift, strengthen & tone by massaging both the internal and external muscles of your face. 


Improve your skin’s suppleness

• Reduce and release muscle tension in your scalp, face and jaw

• Reduce expression lines and wrinkles

• Tone and tighten your skin and the underlying muscles

• Stimulate rejuvenation and cell activity

• Aid lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells as well as reducing     


• Aid the removal of dead skin cells

• Improve and reduces acne

• Maintain a fresh, youthful appearance

• Promote blood circulation

• Enhance mental and physical relaxation

• Relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain  

Bespoke Face Lift massage is an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery and injection procedures.


A combination of Acupressure, Indian and Japanese Facial Massage as well as Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha and Facial Reflexology is used during the treatment. 

Since no two people are the same, neither should your treatment, at Bespoke Skin Clinic every treatment is about YOU and you're skin requirements.  


Results are cumulative so it is recommended to do a course of 6-10 weekly or bi-weekly treatments.  

Who is Bespoke Natural Face Lift Massage for?


This treatment is perfect for anyone who wants a brighter and uplifted appearance. Using a specific combination of massage techniques, the treatment provides an enhanced sense of Tranquility, Peace, and Relaxation, which can help with symptoms such as Anxiety, Stress, Tiredness, Tinnitus and Sinus problems.


Bespoke Natural Face Lift Techniques


The Natural Face Lift Massage uses slide and lift movements, these lift and tone the muscles, while pinching, sweeping and smoothing techniques iron out Fine Lines and Wrinkles. These techniques loosen clamped muscles giving a softer appearance and, in just a few sessions, help achieve more defined Cheekbones and Jawline. Stimulation of energy points releases blockages for a fresher and relaxed look.

Gua Sha Crystal Massage: Utilising skin philosophies based on traditional Chinese medicine. Specially carved crystals are used to massage the face to activate meridians (energy pathways) and manually move lymph to drain toxins and allow for fresh blood to feed the skins surface. Immediate and natural sculpting occurs, giving the skin a lifted appearance.