Reiki Treatment

Bespoke's Facial Reflexology

Bespoke's Facial Reflexology  - Combination of  Vietnam, Japanese  and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) without using needles or other invasive techniques.  The use of gentle finger pressure and non-invasive tools are used to stimulate points and zones of the face. 

Beauty marks, moles, wrinkles, dimples and spots on our face reflect a potential internal imbalance and indicate present or past weaknesses. By observing tone, brightness and texture, the face is an important source of information about the general internal state of the body and is a very good indicator of our health.

Many Beauty Benefits includes, but not limited to.....

  • Diminish Eye Puffiness | Dark Circles

  • Smooth Complexion

  • Diminish blemishes, redness and skin sensitivities

  • Stimulate cell activity and production of collagen and elastin

  • Regenerate facial tissue; restore vitality

  • Minimise fine lines and soften deep wrinkles​

  • Purify tissue; free accumulation of waste

  • Brighten & Tighten

  • Sculpt + Lift

  • Renew facial contour; tone,

  • Firm and lift sagging skin

Many more health benefits.....

  • Relieve Stress & Tension

  • Combat Tech Neck | TMJ

  • Calm Anxiety | Insomnia

  • Ease Headaches & Eye Strain

  • Relieve Sinus Congestion

  • Increase Nutrient Rich Blood Flow

  • Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

For more Health Benefits of Facial Reflexology check out ZEN THERAPIES, the holistic side of my business.


Facial Reflexology works on the principle of following the reflex zones that run throughout our bodies. The Reflexology treatment is combined with a unique face massage that incorporates the most effective natural face-lifting techniques to invigorate every muscle, lift the face and smooth out wrinkles. Special attention is paid to the eyes, cheeks and jawline. During the treatment, the use of non-invasive tool such as a Reflexology Detector, Gua Sha Tools, Yin / Yang Rollers, as well as her fingers, to stimulate the skin and nerve endings.


Clients frequently regard this as there favourite treatment. It's not unusual to fall asleep whilst receiving facial reflexology treatments and to wake feeling deeply refreshed. 

As the face is closer to our brain than the feet, treatments seem to have a quicker reaction. As our face is the first part of us that people see, it is only natural for us to want to look and feel at our best.