Anma - Jane Mann

An elegant facial massage tool for anti-ageing.

Why We Love It

Utilising an ancient Japanese massage technique, the Anma (Awn-Mah) massage tool is used for Lymphatic Drainage and Fascia Release. Fascia is an important protective layer of connective tissue around your muscles. Unfortunately, with time it can get a little too stiff and tough. The Anma's perfect shapes and contours help give these tissues a luxurious massage. We are in love with this little tool even for massaging the entire body.


  • Releases Muscle Tension

  • Release Restricted Fascia

  • Increase Circulation

  • Increase Skin Hydration

  • Increases Collagen Production

  • Minimise Tension Lines created by repeated Facial Expressions 

BPA-Free Plastic; Instruction Manual Included.

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