Qi beauty Treatments

Qi beauty defines skin ageing as a decline in cellular performance of programmed skin functions and use their treatments to cultivate a state of health for skin. Qi beauty treatments effect the metabolically active health of the stratum corneum, utilising quantum physics of static magnetic fields which play a regulatory role through the activation of cellular functions to treat skin.

  • Pro-health anti-ageing

  • Stem cell regulation

  • Collagen and elastin integrity 

  • Dispelling inflammation from skin tissues 

  • Treating skin without breakouts 

  • Prevention of skin illness 

  • Stratum Corneum health

  • Brighten, lighten and revive 

  • Density restoration 



Qi beauty

| £120 - £140 | 75min

Foundation Treatment to identify the level of skin health, underlying deeper ageing and skin deficiencies. Establishing Yin Yang for homeostasis, and the beginning of skin repair.


Qi beauty Reform

| £140 - 160 | 90min

Transformative treatment used to establish healthier skin kinetics through integration of quantum science and nutritive serums. This treatment bridges the face and neck meridians, working with vital points to support skin vitality, restore tissue density and youthful vigour.


Qi beauty Re-Densify

| £160 -£190 | 90min

When the Qi beauty treatments are combined it is the culmination of tissue regeneration in 3 areas. Re-densify tissue on the face, neck and décolletage, balancing yin yang for homeostasis within in the three areas true skin health and anti-ageing.

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Qi beauty Rehabilitation

| £120 - £140 | 75min

Balance metabolic skin function and quelling Inflammation causing ROS and accelerated ageing. We tonify skin via lymphatic drainage channels reducing redness and imbalance of sebum qi. The rehabilitation treatment recalibrates skin releasing toxins and stagnation of fluids.

Course of Qi beauty

Treatment intervals following practitioner prescription

Qi beauty Homeostasis (Yin Yang)

4 x Qi beauty / Qi beauty Reform

+ 1 x Qi beauty Re-densify

+ 1 x Qi beauty Rehabilitation


Qi beauty Density Renewal

3 x Qi beauty / Qi beauty Reform + 2 x Qi beauty Re-densify

+ 1 x Qi beauty Rehabilitation


Qi beauty Skin Restoration (Shen)

1 x Qi beauty / Qi beauty Reform + 2 x Qi beauty Re-densify

+ 3 x Qi beauty Rehabilitation